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At the outer edge of Austin’s city limits, sits the growing community of Lakeway, Texas.  Lakeway, known for expansive vistas overlooking Lake Travis, is home to the community’s first and only luxury car dealership, Lexus of Lakeway. The 80,000 square foot facility sits on 39 acres and has the capacity to house 600 cars.

Lexus wanted to be in the Lakeway market due to the overwhelming number of Lexus vehicle owners (more than 5,000) and more than 17,000 Toyota owners (Lexus is a division of Toyota Motor Sales, USA.). Lexus went to great lengths to build the facility into the topography of the area as well as adhering to the City of Lakeway building requirements to avoid the ‘big box effect.’

Lexus of Lakeway is known for venturing into new territory, whether it be a new service offering, hiring product specialists rather than sales people, or launching a pilot program using patented technology to drive new customers into the dealership.

Key Results

Unique device IDs (cumulatively).
Device CTR, with 96% of the clicks being unique.


Post Impression - did not click on ad, but went to website.
Post Click - clicked on ad and went to website.
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Project components

Data of Intent Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Branded Scheduling Page

Mobile Banners

Media Buy / Optimization 

“This marketing program has outperformed not only our past local advertising efforts, but our national agency efforts by an average of 9% in campaign digital performance. These are numbers we have not seen since the advent of Internet advertising."

Michael Sealey, Head of Sales/Marketing


The key objectives of this program were to:

  1. Capture active car shoppers at competitive dealerships: BMW, Cadillac, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti in the Central Texas area.
  2. Get this group of shoppers to consider Lexus as a brand choice for their next vehicle by offering a concierge 'best drive' service.
  3. Have them physically visit the Lexus of Lakeway dealership.

Target Audience

We targeted visitors to luxury dealerships on Sundays, Mondays, Fridays, and Tuesdays between July 1st through August 5th. These visitors fit the following criteria:

  • Visited a competitor's dealership a maximum of two times
  • HHI of $75K+
  • Age 45+
  • Zip code verification

Leveraging patented “Data of Intent” technology, we were able to identify people further down the purchasing funnel. These were broken into categories based on the days targeted:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays: Active shoppers in the market
  • Sundays: Interested shoppers, but wanting to avoid sales personnel



Our strategy was to create a luxury experience around a key decision process for anyone shopping for a new vehicle – the test drive. We wanted to connect with shoppers in a less intrusive interaction where the experience ruled, not ‘getting the sale at all costs.’

We created the Lexus “Best Drive” campaign. This was executed through digital banners and a branded scheduling page that allowed the shopper to do a test drive when it was convenient for them. When they arrived at the dealership, they were greeted by their waiting product specialist and taken to the car they had selected to test drive. All without the usual “sales pitch” experience.

Our delivery was solely to the unique device IDs captured from our competitive dealerships. The list of device IDs was refreshed 6 weeks into the campaign for a total of a 12 week media flight. This media strategy allowed us to eliminate the waste surrounding other digital media efforts.

Lexus of Lakeway was a huge success, but it’s just business as usual at 97 Degrees West.


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