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Pure Blue

Project components

Customer Research
Website Design
Website CMS
Content Strategy
Blog Writing
Lead Nurturing

Pure Blue Gas is in the business of delivering the most effective gas treatment technology, equipment and plant management for natural gas producers. With our help, Pure Blue Gas, has positioned the executive team as thought leaders, moved leads from middle-of-the funnel to bottom-of-the-funnel in a shorter amount of time and increased the visibility of the organization.

Key Results

Blog articles published.
Of total website traffic provided by content efforts. 
Leads generated.
“The team at 97 Degrees West quickly understood our industry and was able to deliver a lead generation website and content that reflects the complexity of the industry. I constantly get positive feedback from clients and peers about the quality of the content. Their consistent efforts have resulted in new leads for my company and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Joe Rhodes, CEO


This industry is complex and involves an in-depth understanding of natural gas, oxygen removal and chemical removals from gas streams, etc. because of the complexity of the industry, Pure Gas was reluctant that an external provider would be able to understand the intricacies and nuance of the product and service to produce thought leadership content.

The growth of this business is contingent on the executive team being out in the field working with plant managers throughout several states. Without a dedicated marketing team, their marketing effort was falling flat. The sales cycle in this industry can easily be 12 months therefore a sales lead nurturing program is a must. In addition, the company had gone through a reorganization which required a new brand, messaging and creative assets including a website.

Key Challenges

  1. Pure Blue Gas offers a highly-targeted product and service to solve complex, chemistry related issues in natural gas plant management through its technology and equipment.
  2. Leadership needed a marketing team that knew the oil and gas industry.
  3. Leadership was unable to provide bandwidth to nurture sales leads within a 12 to 18-month sales cycle.
  4. Pure Blue Gas needed to increase its pipeline with new sales qualified leads.
  5. Leadership wanted a team that handled turnkey marketing that got results.
  6. Pure Blue Gas was adamant about taking marketing off its ‘to-do’ list.


Our main objective was to give the CEO peace of mind with immediate ‘wins’ through consistent marketing efforts, so that he could focus on developing customer relationships. To get started, our team needed to extract all product, technology and equipment information and its unique differentiation within the market from Pure Blue Gas so that we could better position the website for more purposeful content and drive sales oriented results.This research enabled us to develop progressive website design, along with a content strategy and calendar that emphasized Pure Blue Gas’ key knowledge of the industry and its unique equipment and service based solutions. With the new site launched, Pure Blue Gas now had the online presence and place to house thought-leadership campaigns with continuous cycles of published content, emails and automated workflows. Over time, this resulted in an increase of leads, nurtured prospects and one less thing for the CEO to worry about.


1. Website Design & Development

Our client divested from a business partner and all marketing assets went with that divestiture unbeknownst to our client. Our team went on the hunt for buried copies of the website on the internet and we found a link; yielding the previous website fromwhich we could gather content, product information and images copyrighted by our client. We created the new brand of Pure Blue Gas and incorporated best practices in usability and design. The content management system is ExpressionEngine which is a best-in-class CMS.


2. Content Strategy & Creation

Natural Gas plant management involves the understanding of chemicals, cold production, greenhouse emissions, carbon capture and many other areas that are scientific in nature. Our strategy was to create content that educated while positioning our client as a thought leader in the industry. Our process white paper “Process Safety Management & Implementation Checklist” has been a lead generation success.


3. Lead Nurturing

Through the Hubspot automated marketing platform, we created work flows that kept Pure Blue Gas top of mind with key sales qualified leads (SQLs). The sales process can be anywhere from 12 - 18 months. Our inbound program allowed for consistent communication with the SQL’s and built social and thought leadership credibility for Pure Blue Gas.

Pure Blue Gas & Equipment was a huge success, but it’s just business as usual at 97 Degrees West.


If we work together, the strategy and deliverables may differ, but our goal will be the same: become an extension of your team and deliver outstanding business results you can measure. No fluff. No excuses.


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