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Project components

Social Media Campaign
Promotions & Materials

United Heritage Credit Union is a solidly established financial entity in the Austin area. However, it does compete with two larger competitors. While its current members are very loyal and are advocates of the credit union, their demographics skew significantly older. There is a need to broaden its member base to a much younger audience.

One of the key challenges in the industry is that once people have joined a credit union or bank it is a very hard to get them to switch. UHCU faces the fact that one of our biggest competitors has a strong following and membership among the student population of the University of Texas here in Austin.

To break into this younger demographic, it is critical for the future of UHCU that we deliver our message in a relevant way and break into this audience early on. We need to get them into our franchise and turn them into loyal members early as they begin their banking and financial lives.

Key Results

This was an extremely successful program for UHCU. This program generated:

Contest entries.
Total engagements on Facebook.
Facebook referrals.
Visits to landing page.
New likes on Facebook.
"The team at 97 Degrees West has been an extension of our marketing team for the past three years. From the start their creative and strategic programs have resulted in immediate ROI."
Kevin Farley, AVP Digital & Brand Experience


The key objectives of this program were to:

  1. Get a younger demographic age group involved with United Heritage Credit Union.
  2. Get this key target group more engaged with the credit union on a level that is relevant to them – emotionally connect with them.
  3. Get this group to better identify with United Heritage Credit Union as their first choice in banking - as "where I like to bank."

Target Audience

Our current members tend to be more middle aged and older 50+. They are more affluent.

The target of this effort (and their family) is younger, less financially secure, interested in enjoying all the fun opportunities that are available here in Austin but don't necessarily have the broader financial resources to pay for some of the more popular entertainment outings and a "big night out."


Our strategy was to drive excitement and engagement by taking advantage a variety of events, activities and happenings throughout the area during the summer months. We wanted to connect with current and prospective members in a fun way and provide the opportunity for them to get access to a series of events that our target audience enjoys and identifies with as "their kind of outing."

Being a local entity is important in Austin and UHCU has always been a part of the fabric of the community. This local flavor was also communicated by the choice of local partners selected for the contest events - it added to the authenticity of the offering from us.

Tactically, we developed a contest where people could win tickets and access to a variety of summer events for 10 weeks throughout the summer season including, water parks, concerts, sporting events, theme parks, etc. Our plan was to have UHCU be the way you can win free entry to any of these most sought after events.

Our delivery tactic was solely through social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Everything revolved around posting twice weekly information about that week's event, providing entry information and a link to a landing page which provided details and an entry form. These contest announcements and the announcement of who won the prior week's contest were the main elements of the media communication. Another key tactic was to get followers and participants to share, post, retweet and use online "word of mouse" to build social media critical mass.

United Heritage Credit Union was a huge success, but it’s just business as usual at 97 Degrees West.


If we work together, the strategy and deliverables may differ, but our goal will be the same: become an extension of your team and deliver outstanding business results you can measure. No fluff. No excuses.


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